Friday, 1 June 2012

Engaging with Climate Change, Psychoanalytic Perspectives Conference Videos (Oct, 2010, Institute for Psychoanalysis, London, UK)

How does our knowledge of climate change affect our sense of identity? What might underlie issues of connection with, and disconnection from, the natural world? How do we understand the denial of climate change?

Speakers from the field of psychoanalysis explore these and other questions with scientists, environmentalists, writers, educationalists and policy makers. The conference aims to achieve a better understanding through interdisciplinary exchange. Click here to email us a question for the event.

1. "Great Expectations: some psychic consequences of the discovery of personal ecological debt", Rosemary Randall, with discussants Margaret Rustin and Bob Ward. Followed by a general discussion

2. "The myth of apathy", Renee Lertzman, with discussants Irma Brenman-Pick and Erik Bichard.

3. "Different structures of feeling in relation to the natural world", Michael Rustin, with discussants Jon Alexander and Ted Benton. 

 4. "Unconscious obstacles to caring for the planet", John Keene, with discussants Michael Brearley and Bob HInshelwood.

 5. "Engaging with the natural world and with human nature", Sally Weintrobe, with discussants Tom Crompton and Mike Hannis. 

6. "Climate change denial in a perverse culture", Paul Hoggett, with discussants Stanley Cohen and John Steiner. Followed by a general discussion.

7. Book launch: "Engaging With Climate Change: Psychoanalytic and Interdisciplinary Perspectives"

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  1. Old white people discussing how to "save" the world. I think everyone with eyes will recognize which myth we're dealing with here.