Monday, 4 June 2012

Derrida, Deleuze, Lacan and Žižek on Animality (Videos and Discussions)

Having just discovered Derrida's (2008) The Animal That Therefore I Am, I posted Christopher Higg's notes/review in the previous post. Here are two more: And Say The Animal Responded– A Response (Fragments, 2011), and Animal Tracks (Kari Weil, H-Animal, 2008) plus a video of Derrida discussing the question of 'the animal'.

We can compare this to Deleuze's 'A is for Animal'. See text here: See also this discussion on the status of animality in Deleuze's thought from Alain Bealieu (2011)

Both Derrida and Deleuze were to some extent engaging with and critiquing Lacan's position, some of which is captured in this video (especially at the start).

In this recent talk in Berlin (2011), Žižek engages with both Derrida and Lacan, specifically with Derrida's 'The Animal Which Therefore I Am' discussed above, as well as Žižek's usual heterogenous mix of concerns. Žižek's talk has been contrasted with his previous description of vegetarians as 'degenerates'. See for example Northern Song.

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